Executive Coaching
Executive coaching has been a tool utilised by the country’s top firms for a number of years now as they recognise that investing in their employees is one of the best ways to retain and develop key staff.  Coaching particularly helps:
  • Leadership development - ensuring leaders are able to achieve their potential and shine at what they do
  • Talent management - developing high performers to raise their performance even further
  • Transition - preparing people for new roles and increased responsibility and complexity
  • Performance - improving people’s performance and motivation
  • Career coaching – helping individuals identify career goals and aspirations

Coaching works on the premise that each individual is uniquely capable to develop themselves using their own inherent knowledge and wisdom.  It is not about the coach providing solutions, but through providing the time and space to think, a coach helps an individual unlock their own answers and talent.
Samantha Harrison is an accredited coach with the AoEC and can provide coaching to individuals as well as organisations either in a package or a one off intervention.  To find out more or to book an initial consultation, free of charge, please call 020 7969 2710 or email samantha@harrisonandroberts.co.uk





Last Updated ( Tuesday, 08 September 2015 )